Lexmark’s smart MFP ecosystem grows with new serverless capabilities, mobile solutions


Have you heard the industry term, “smart MFP ecosystem?” It’s one you’ll be hearing a lot from Lexmark.

The company has embraced this term as a way to describe our combination of hardware, software, tools and services.

The concept explains Lexmark’s portfolio of offerings and positions the evolution of our printers to help customers understand how our offerings fit together and work seamlessly to solve their pain points.

Enhancing the ecosystem

To make the ecosystem even more dynamic, Lexmark today announced new serverless solutions and apps for large and small businesses, government agencies, schools and universities.

By reducing or eliminating servers, the solutions help minimize investment related to hardware costs, IT administration and energy consumption, among others.

Included in the announcement:

Lexmark AccuRead Automate

The new serverless Lexmark AccuRead Automate runs entirely on a Lexmark smart multifunction product (MFP) embedded with Perceptive technology. It automates back office processes by helping users capture, automatically classify and route information.

“The solution trains the MFP to classify and preprocess hardcopy documents and extract data before they ever reach an ERP or accounting system,” said Rick Kallop, process improvement consultant for Lexmark. “For what this serverless solution can do, it’s a real game changer.”

“This solution is unique among MFP vendors,” said Rick Robinson, solutions marketing manager. “AccuRead Automate is ideal for small to midsize business customers who do not want to invest in server-based technology, as well as enterprise customers in distributed places, such as retail stores and bank branches, where bandwidth is tight.”

Lexmark Serverless Print Release

The new Lexmark Serverless Print Release enables users to print securely from anywhere within the organization.

Unlike standard Print Release – in which jobs are held in a server on premise or in the cloud before users print them – the Windows-based serverless solution holds the job on the local PC. When the user goes to a printer to release the job, the solution pulls the job off that person’s PC and sends it to the printer.

“With this offering, the IT infrastructure required for print can be reduced by eliminating print servers,” said Mark Vance, program manager in global marketing. “This adds another layer of flexibility to our Lexmark Print Management portfolio for customers ranging from small and medium businesses to global enterprises with remote locations.”

Lexmark Mobile Direct

Lexmark mobile printing solutions enable printing from any mobile device including iOS, Android, Windows, or BlackBerry. Lexmark Print Management is the first print management software solution to become AirPrint certified. Users can print directly into their print release queue using the native print features of iOS. A new offer for printing via direct mobile connectivity is also now available for Android.

Lexmark Mobile Direct allows an Android phone with the Lexmark Mobile Print App to print to a WiFi-enabled printer using near field communication (NFC). The benefit is you don’t have to know the address of the device or do any setup. You can simply hold your phone near the MFP or printer to connect, then tap “print.”

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