SHARE: Secure, integrated document sharing in the cloud


This summer, Cabinet improved on their Cabinet SAFE electronic document management system by adding the industry’s first fully integrated cloud-based file sharing and workflow solution, SHARE.

The response has been great. Tons of Cabinet clients are using SHARE to securely send and receive sensitive documents, directly to and from their SAFE and SAFE CLOUD accounts. People are hearing about SHARE, trying SHARE – and loving it.

But even though the user base is growing rapidly, we still hear plenty of questions about what SHARE is for. Who uses it? What can it do for me? Why not just send files via email, or one of the many free file-sharing sites out there?

At the most basic level, SHARE allows for secure, integrated collaboration. With SHARE, users can instantly send documents from SAFE or SAFE CLOUD to a private, password-protected web page, where they can be downloaded by authorized users. It’s secure (far more than unencrypted email, and exponentially more than hard copies) and it’s fast, since documents can be shared at the click of a mouse.

Think about a financial advisor. The lifeblood of his business is confidential communication with clients. Emailing PDF files is cumbersome and full of security risks. Third-party file-sharing services are slow, work-intensive and fraught with version control issues. The U.S. Mail is expensive, inefficient and unsecure. But those statements, trade confirmations and other correspondence must go out.

With SHARE, our financial advisor can deliver confidential documents to his clients by simply highlighting them in Cabinet SAFE or SAFE CLOUD, then hitting the “share” button. SHARE automatically uploads the file to a private web page, then emails the client with secure pickup instructions.

The same process applies to any other SAFE or SAFE CLOUD user who often sends confidential correspondence to clients. Accountants. Bookkeepers. Attorneys. Anyone who could make use of fast, secure file sharing can make use of SHARE.

Some of the best feedback we’ve gotten on SHARE has come from physicians and their staffs. Regulations prevent them from sending patient information via email. In the past, that often meant sending endless faxes – a slow, inefficient process, to say the least. Since SHARE is compliant with all relevant regulations, it provides physicians and their staffs with a secure, efficient method of sharing confidential records with authorized users.

Best of all, SHARE isn’t just a one-way street. Clients use the same secure web pages to upload their own revised or signed documents, which can then be imported directly into Cabinet SAFE or SAFE CLOUD. When used to its full potential, SHARE can completely eliminate the need for mailing, faxing or emailing documents between SAFE or SAFE CLOUD users and their clients.

Confidential collaboration and document-sharing is simply a fact of business in the 21stCentury. No service-oriented industry can do without it. SHARE makes it easy, paperless – and completely secure.

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