Video Walls: Eight Features to Consider Before Installation


There are many reasons to incorporate a video wall into your company’s technological portfolio. They might hang in lobbies, providing information on the company, greeting visitors and clients, or providing entertainment for those waiting to enter. They could be held in presentation rooms, to inform employees and work on projects or to pitch to clients. They may be held in designated videoconferencing suites for those companies whose reach extends far beyond the confines of their headquarters.

Different types of video walls serve different purposes, and it isn’t always clear which style suits certain needs. A dual-screen system might look great in a lobby, but might not carry the correct dimensions to properly present information. In addition, the physical space of different areas prohibits certain sizes of screens from fitting into rooms or being safely mounted on walls. We want our video walls to make an impact on those that view them, but first we have to make sure they are displaying the right message.

Corporate Tech Decisions has compiled a list of eight features to consider when purchasing a video wall for your enterprise.

To learn more about what video wall is right for you and your organization, contact MCC’s Audio Visual Solutions Division today to learn more!

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