New Lexmark service app adds speed to the process


Imagine digging through an 800-page manual to find an error code definition or part number to help you fix a printer or multifunction printer (MFP). Not a very efficient process for Lexmark service technicians. But that long-standing process has just gotten a whole lot easier, thanks to a new app.

Developed and designed by members of Experience Design, the Lexmark service app provides highly portable and searchable service information for every Lexmark product announced since 2012. The app is available to authorized service providers worldwide in addition to our Technical Support Center.

“We believe this app is going to enable quicker diagnosis and repair of our devices, which is our ultimate goal,” said Sherry Watson, manager of Serviceability and Information Development. “Our customers will definitely benefit.”

Among the improvements:

  • Easy access. Previously the manual was only accessible as a cumbersome PDF on a laptop or desktop. Now, it can be accessed on all Android and iOS smartphones and tablets in addition to laptops and desktops, in essence putting the manual in the service tech’s pocket.
  • Fast navigation. Using intuitive search functionality, the app makes it easy to quickly locate information – much simpler than trying to find something in an 800-page PDF that had to be downloaded.

“The app has a responsive design, which means it automatically scales to the phone or other device, making the information easy to read and navigate,” said Rick McCoy, lead programmer in Information Development. “We also increased efficiency by pulling much of the content from our user guides, so we didn’t have to recreate the wheel.”

“Not only is the service manual much easier to use, we redesigned the information it contains to ensure a higher quality, more consistent experience from product to product,” said Robert Lee, the Serviceability engineer who devised the new app. “It all boils down to our focus on the customer. In today’s mobile work environment, we need to use the most efficient, up-to-date tools possible to make the customer experience even better.”

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