Better Sound Enriches a Ministry and Amazes its Congregation


World Revival Church of Kansas City is a growing multicultural congregation with ministries for all ages. Ten years ago, with demand for the church’s services exploding, World Revival moved from its humble meeting house to a 1,000 seat auditorium, with stage space for full band, professional lighting rigs and multimedia capabilities. Soon, World Revival began live streaming its weekly services on the Web, expanding its reach around the globe.

“Our church is different,” says Steve Gray, World Revival’s Senior Pastor. “There’s a lot of enthusiasm. In some ways it’s almost a stadium experience. Like ‘Am I at a ballgame, or am I at a church?’”

“We like a pretty good amount of volume in our worship,” says William Gilpin, World Revival’s Church Manager.

“It’s kind of shocking at first,” says Dustin Smith, Worship Leader/Music Director, World Revival Church.

Over time, however, it became clear that, while the size of the World Revival’s new home was adequate, the sound was not.

“We were having lots of complaints,” Gilpin says. “Some first-time visitors would come in, and they’d head right back out the door.

“It was just too loud for them,” says Heather Eschenbaum, Director, House of Hope, World Revival Church.

A growing problem

Gilpin contacted Steven Brown, System Design and Sales, Progressive Electronics, for a consultation. “Loudspeaker coverage in the space was spotty.” Brown says. “There were areas that were abrasive, and other areas that were soft. Nobody was getting the same kind of sound in the space anywhere.”

Brown’s background is in audio recording and he’s very particular about loudspeaker sound. He recently heard a demonstration of Bose® RoomMatch® loudspeakers. “I was floored,” Brown says. “I thought with this product, Bose had knocked it out of the park. I was absolutely, totally inspired.”

Brown told Gilpin and Gray, “I know of a sound system you would cry for,” and scheduled a demonstration for them. After hearing it for themselves, Gilpin and Gray became believers.

A unique challenge and solution

Brown quickly got to work. “My goal was to paint the space with sound,” Brown says. “Keep all the direct energy off the walls and on the floor and the seats, so that it’s powerful without taking away from clarity and intelligibility.”

Brown bought in Bob Patten, Midwest Territory Rep for Bose Professional Systems. “Bose’s support is unmatched by most of the manufacturers I work with,” Brown says. “They’re not just selling product. They’re selling solutions.”

After exploring World Revival’s space, Brown and his team recommended a system with RoomMatch array module loudspeakers and PowerMatch® configurable power amplifiers. Using Bose proprietary technologies, RoomMatch loudspeakers and PowerMatch amplifiers deliver concert quality sound for fixed-installations in almost any room size, shape or acoustic requirement, and budget.

“RoomMatch gives you great directivity,” says Nathan York, Designer Engineer, Progressive Electronics. “Everything just blends perfectly.”

The system uses three RoomMAtch array clusters driven by seven PowerMatch amplifiers programmed with Bose ControlSpace® digital signal processing. For York, the PowerMatch amplifier was the right choice. “It has eight channels and almost limitless possibilities of what you can do with it,” York says. “It would be my go-to amplifier in almost any scenario.”

The sound they deserve

With their new sound system installed, it was time to hear what they’d been missing.

“People could sit anywhere in the room and it was good,” Gilpin says.

“The sound is full and loud,” Gray says, “but somebody can talk to you at the same time. You can be right underneath it and still have good fidelity.”

Soon World Revival’s congregation were believers, too.

“When I heard it for the first time, I thought, ‘This is so intense,’” Eschenbaum says. “It just feels alive in the room.”

In fact, immediately after the broadcast, listeners from all over the world called World Revival, asking how they improved their broadcast audio mix. Which, of course, they didn’t. They improved the sound in the room instead.

“What we’re doing here works for us,” Gray says. “And touches thousands of people around the world.”

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