Hybrid Clouds an Emerging Solution in Large Enterprises


VentureBeat reports that hybrid cloud deployments are an emerging trend in companies that need to provision computing resources over the internet.

Many companies, right now, are using public cloud systems to store documents.  These infrastructures are available to the general public through third party cloud service providers (CSP). The company or individual uses the CSP’s cloud services and shares these services with other users, much in the same way one would use and pay for electricity. However, this gives a company little ability to monitor and control the cloud’s security and governance.

A second method that companies may use is a private cloud system. With this model, the company pays the CSP to provide specific cloud services solely in use by the company. The agency constructs its own standards for their computing resources and the CSP provides the services at an extra cost. A CIO can provide the resources as on-demand services to sections of the company, and the company will be charged based on use. This allows the CIO to host the cloud on-premises, connect through private networks, and enforce their own data security standards and controls.

In a hybrid system, companies utilize both methods by storing sensitive data within a private cloud and allowing less sensitive information to be accessed within a public service. Also, companies can pick and choose when to spend money on private services and when to save and use a public cloud. A CIO could prepare for workload spikes and designate services beforehand. Then, during lulls in data usage, the CIO could allocate information to the public cloud and save on cost.

The largest problem with the services now is setting them up. There are a limited amount of integrators suited to build a hybrid infrastructure. The change is coming, however. Gartner predicts that 50 percent of large enterprises will have hybrid cloud deployments by the end of 2017. For many companies, the time has come to start thinking about a hybrid solution

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