iMeter™ / Postage Meter & Business Apps


As part of their sleek and modern design, all IS-Series Mailing Systems are equipped with the exclusive Neopost iMeter™ Postage Meter. The iMeter™ is an internet connected smart device that provides many functions beyond the traditional postage meter. Working in conjunction with a series of standard and optional Apps, you will have the tools at your fingertips to simplify mailing system management and help you monitor, track and control postal expenditures. Using Smart Connect™, your mailing system can connect via high speed internet connection (analog also available) to Online Advantage and an expandable suite of Apps including: Commercial Rates App, Remote Diagnostics App, neoFunds® App, Online Postal Expense Manager™ App, Neopost MAS App, E-Services App, E-Services with Electronic Return Receipt™ App, and Postal Rates App.

To learn more about Neopost, contact MCC’s Mailing Solutions Division today! 

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