Digital Signage Points the Way for Consumers and Businesses

Colorful Direction Sign of Majors

From Joe Contreras with Toshiba

I remember back to my college years and as a freshman first setting foot on the large university campus and feeling overwhelmed when searching for the right buildings and classrooms.

As many of us can attest, had there been a directory or a device to find one’s classrooms during those seminal moments, that immediate feeling of panic could have quickly been relieved.

Fortunately today, this technology exists within a digital display format and is being used by early adopters on campuses – universities, primarily – healthcare facilities and malls throughout the country. While this technology, called wayfinding, is burgeoning, it is hardly widespread.

Digital signage incorporating this technology points visitors in the right direction before they ever leave their vehicles as many parking structures include displays alerting drivers about the availability of open spots.

While approaching their chosen destination, guests may at the touch of a hand, find the location of a hospital wing, university department or a particular store at the mall. When entering their chosen venue, like a proficient personal assistant, wayfinding displays inform and alert visitors about current sales at retailers, university graduate programs or even a doctor’s credentials.

Aside from the obvious visit-enhancing benefits for consumers, wayfinding digital signage provides a potential revenue stream for the adopters through the inclusion of advertisements on the displays. Retailers may have particularly taken advantage of this opportunity recently by informing consumers about the availability and price of that special item they purchased to (hopefully) brighten the face of their significant other during Valentine’s Day.

As a result of its Ellumina digital signage services brand, Toshiba is a company capable of outfitting organizations in virtually any vertical market with a custom digital signage incorporating the latest in wayfinding technology

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