Balancing Security and Comfort


One of the physical security challenges for many customer-facing organizations is determining the balance between keeping the employees and assets safe, while not restricting or overwhelming their clientele. With the evolution of access control and surveillance systems, solutions are available to meet the needs of businesses both large and small, no matter how complicated or unique the requirements may be. But with so many options available today, it is easy to “get carried away,” installing too much security or products that don’t address a user’s specific needs.

Conducting an in-depth security assessment can help any organization determine an appropriate security plan, no matter the requirements. For a truly interactive, customer-facing facility like the Exploratorium museum in San Francisco’s downtown waterfront district, ensuring tight security in its urban location and allowing visitors to walk around the museum campus freely to experience the in-house-built exhibits are both priorities.

The non-profit museum’s nine-acre campus was looking for a way to secure ticketed and non-ticketed exhibits, its perimeter (which includes 1.5 acres of public outdoor space), as well as restroom entries and other restricted areas. Much like many organizations, Exploratorium wants its visitors to feel comfortable walking around the campus, but with many young children running around the facility, as well as its urban surroundings, a tight audit trail of any areas where incidents may occur is imperative.

In addition to perimeter security throughout the museum campus, Exploratorium wanted reliable and easy to use systems. With 400 full-time employees, as well as another 100 seasonal workers, interns and contractors, turnover can be high and the museum needed to simplify badge management and access.

To meet the museum’s needs, Software House’s C•CURE 9000 access control system, along with American Dynamics victor unified management system created a comprehensive, intuitive interface that handles access and surveillance seamlessly. Card readers and iSTAR control panels from Software House along with VideoEdge VMS and a mixture of cameras from American Dynamics also were installed for an integrated solution.

The solution has already allowed the museum to catch incidents of bicycle theft and keep its outdoor visiting exhibits safe from vandalism. So many organizations, whether urban or suburban, can benefit from a comprehensive security plan like Exploratorium’s, while retaining the feel of a welcoming, open environment for its customers.

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