Nonprofits need to make sure data is as clean as possible


When it comes to fundraising, a high level of data quality is essential for effective efforts. Nonprofits that rely on donations from individual and business donors need to make sure that they are reaching out to the correct patrons when the time for soliciting donations rolls around. Just as for-profit businesses require accurate customer information to keep in contact with their client base, nonprofit organizations need to do everything in their power to reach as many potential clients as they possibly can.

When contributors are the lifeblood of an organization, it makes sense to prioritize the cleansing and maintenance of information relating to those patrons – especially contact data. High contact data quality is cited as being a vital necessity of nonprofit operations by industry publication Nonprofit Quarterly. The source points out that having a data-cleaning plan often isn’t put on the same level of importance as other operational considerations. All aspects of a nonprofit, from actual charity work to organizational stability, will suffer if the information used to contact potential givers and repeat donors isn’t as current as possible.

Nonprofit technology blog The Connected Cause said that data quality issues like geographic segmentation and salutations that are dependent on marital status and gender can have a big impact on fundraising effectiveness. These concerns are easily handled when nonprofits use data management solutions to keep contact information up to date and validated. When manpower issues are a concern, charity organizations should strongly consider using an outside service for these issues. Because data quality providers have experience in this specific field, it allows the employees of nonprofits to focus on the duties they have experience performing instead of manual address correction and data entry.

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