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The SAFE document management solution helps manufacturers become leaner, greener and more efficient on every level.

With SAFE, you can consistently meet customers’ changing requirements, while sustaining profitability and consistently producing the highest value product at the lowest possible price.

Imagine instant, digital access to all the documents used in your operations: MDS, SOPs, engineering change orders, CAD drawings, letters, reports, emails, standard forms, contracts and phone messages. Imagine zero spaced wasted on paper document storage. Imagine complete security, version control and backups. Imagine a smarter workplace, with minimal learning time and quick ROI. That’s SAFE.

Your workflow. Paperless.

Available both as licensed software and SaaS hosted in a secure, private cloud, SAFE is the ideal document management solution for any manufacturer – large or small.

SAFE is dramatically more efficient, secure and sustainable than legacy filing systems. But that doesn’t mean its implementation comes with a steep learning curve and an initial drain on production. At Cabinet, we only deploy our software after an in-depth discovery process, allowing us to customize SAFE to your existing business practices and rules. The results in an efficient, fully digital version of your existing workflows, working hard from Day 1 to create maximum efficiency – and ROI – with minimal ramp-up time and disturbance.

Paperless manufacturing = process improvement

SAFE is the ideal counterpart to an internal focus on continuous process improvements. Whether it’s standardizing documentation, sustaining lean practices or satisfying customer needs, modern document management reduce cost, improves quality and compresses lead time by eliminating waste.

SAFE allows manufacturers to streamline:

  • Order Entry
  • Product Design
  • Purchasing & Inventory
  • Cost Accounting
  • General Accounting
  • And Much More

SAFE: Document Management for Manufacturing

SAFE give you the electronic document management and workflow capabilities you need to enforce filing and work processes and eliminate time wasted tracking down files.

MCC’s Integrated Solutions Division is here to provide Cabinet document management to you. 

With MCC & SAFE, you can:

  • Put access to documents at your employee’ fingertips
  • Provide centralized, secure shared access to your documents
  • Create automated processes for sharing, reviewing and approving documents and drawings via document workflow
  • Replace clipboards and paper forms with electronic forms
  • Enforce security by guarding access to private and confidential files
  • Track where files are, when they were accessed and by whom
  • Use electronic signatures or PIN codes to speed the approval processes
  • Easily back up your files to protect your records from catastrophic events.

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