Guide to Choosing the Right Digital Signage Content Management Systems


Whether you’re just getting started, or looking for a way to rein in an existing digital signage network, a content management system (CMS) can help bring your digital signage project to the next level with distinct advantages in efficiency, flexibility and even cost.

But to choose the right CMS for you, you have to create your digital signage strategy.

Setting your goals:

Digital signage is a solution that grows. Before you know it that single sign has grown to 10 or 100 and each has a different audience and needs to convey different messages at different times of the day. To begin your search for the perfect solution, you need first to clarify what the needs of the project are.

Some key decisions you need to take into consideration are:

Step 1
Decide what you want to say. This step comes first because it will shape what hardware and software to consider, as well as help you decide locations and content to prepare. Are you going to just show text or expand to video? Are you going to want to include multiple zones on the sign? This means partitioning the display to include different inputs like announcements and weather. Is the sign going to be used for emergency notification? Then that means it’s location and the content must meet specific standards.

Step 2

Decide the scope of your DS project. Map out who will be your audience at each location. How many displays do you plan on using? In the best case scenario, how many locations for signage do you have?

Step 3

Decide who is going to be in charge of the project. Having a digital signage champion and department will keep the project on track. Digital signage needs to be owned by particular members in an organization. A specific group will need to manage the signs and content both during and after installation.

Step 4

Decide where the DS CMS is to live. Is the signage going to be part of a standalone group with its own network or are you going to integrate with your existing Intranet / Internet? Bring IT into the conversation as soon as possible. Decide the type of digital network you’re looking to deploy; for example, are you looking at a system of standalone signs in multiple locations or a network of signs that operate in just one building or multiple buildings?

Step 5
Realistically evaluate your budget. Which departments are going to pay for the signage and the man-hours it will take installing, creating on-going content and maintenance of the network? Are you working on a budget that allows for the purchasing of new hardware like displays and players or do you have to use existing equipment? This matters because many digital signage displays and players come equipped with a DS CMS. You may have to buy a standalone DS CMS if your budget is too tight or you already have hardware.

Once you’ve taken these steps, choosing a DS CMS becomes much easier. Then you can move on to specific features.

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