DVRs, NVRs, and Hybrids: Oh My! Video Management Systems

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In a world dominated by discussions of bitrates, Big Data, and bandwidth, it’s easy to get lost in the sea of options, features, and functionalities of the systems when deciding which platform — NVR, hybrid, or software only — is right for your application.

Today’s Video Management Systems (VMS) offer a wide range of capabilities and exceptional video quality. Whether your organization has already made the transition to all IP cameras or is still deciding how and when to begin the migration to IP, a variety of offerings exist to meet nearly every need in the market, whether simple or sophisticated, general purpose or vertical market application.

For end users looking for a fundamental and intuitive approach to video recording and management, the good news is that many VMS solutions are increasingly adopting feature sets that, just a few years ago, would have been found only in more sophisticated platforms. For example, features like analytics and auto discovery of cameras, along with related mobile apps for remote connectivity, are becoming common features in these systems that are most often used by the small to medium sized business (SMB) segment.

For users with integration needs, IP-based systems that offer unification into other security systems can dramatically increase the effectiveness of an overall security system. The ability to unify systems like surveillance and access control during the early development of a system allows all of the sensors in a security system to deeply tie together and increase the power of the entire system.

The SMB market is also where hybrid recorders are very popular, as they allow customers to use existing analog cameras while also adding new IP camera technology to their surveillance system as needed and at their own pace.

If your application still requires the use of analog cameras, a backwards compatible system is a must, enabling you to retain your existing analog investment while migrating to a newer IP based surveillance system. This can take the form of a single client application that can access older DVR and newer NVR and Hybrid recorders.

It is not just about the technology but about the integration of the technology and how all the parts integrate to operate as a system. Vendors that can provide all the components – from cameras to recorders to management systems and storage – will typically have a tighter integration and higher performance as a system, than adopting a multi-vendor approach for each component.

For more information on how to select the best video recording and management option that is right for your application, contact MCC’s Security Solutions Division today!


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