Maximizing Efficiency in Your Print Environment


Despite all of the efforts to move toward the paper-free office, businesses across all industries continue to print. In fact, our paper consumption is actually growing. According to The Economist, worldwide paper consumption has increased by half since 1980. Paper isn’t going anywhere, any time soon. Paper can sometimes be more useful than a computer monitor, and printed communication remains an effective marketing tool.

So if you must print, why not print efficiently? Maximizing efficiency in your print environment can save your office time and money.

A multifunction printer (MFP) boosts productivity by eliminating inefficient office practices, saving space and money while improving workflows.

Duplex printing, a feature on most advanced printers, utilizes both sides of the paper, reducing the amount of paper your company uses. You can even set duplex or double-sided printing as the default on all of the printers in your office.

Scanning your paper documents and converting them to digital files not only reduces the amount of time, space, and money you dedicate toward storing your files, but optical character recognition (OCR) makes locating and accessing the data within them easier. Not to mention eliminating the need to manually type these documents into your word processor.

ENERGY STAR® qualified products are more energy efficient than non-qualified models, requiring less power to operate and reducing your electricity bills.

Optional additional paper trays enable you to stock your machine with more paper. More paper means large print runs without the need to manually reload the trays as often. Less intervention leads to more productivity.

Network printing enables your office to share printers, which results in the sharing of files and resources, and the streamlining of workflows. Some printers and MFPs also allow administrators to enable usage settings to control network printing among users, while still taking advantage of more efficient printing activities.

Implementing Managed Print Services can drastically improve the efficiency of your office and reduce costs by optimizing and streamlining your print environment, proactively maintaining hardware, and consolidating billing.

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