What Kind of MPS Provider Do You Need?

How do you differentiate one managed print services provider from another? One way is to look at the big picture, the REALLY big picture, as in “big” on a global scale. For a large enterprise, this involves thinking in terms of who can provide consistent, reliable business resources to thousands of your employees distributed across regions and continents. In this installment of the Experts Series sponsored by Lexmark, IDC Group Vice President and General Manager, Angele Boyd, shares insights on the advantages of global MPS infrastructure.

Solutions Are Key

Beyond global visibility, what else comes to mind in comparing managed print services offerings? Boyd says, at IDC, they also evaluate solutions. According to Boyd, “The big question is ‘What’s the definition of a solution? How advanced—how sophisticated is the solution? How vertical industry-specific is the solution?’”

Watch this installment of the Expert Series to learn more from Boyd about finding the best MPS provider for your organization. Find out why she says, “It’s not just about hardware, it’s not just about software, it’s not just about services. It’s really ‘What can I do to improve the business life of my client?’” To learn more, watch the video below.


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