Managed Print Services Can Improve Your Workflows

Enterprises of all kinds depend on all kinds of workflows to execute strategy. Yet much of the inefficiency inside organizations can be traced to their processes and workflows. And even when you realize the problem, you may hesitate to act because it seems too complicated or expensive to fix. That’s the stalemate IDC Group Vice President and General Manager Angele Boyd takes on in this Expert Series video. She suggests you may have a solution already in place.

Boyd believes executives must become more aware of the capabilities of select managed print services providers who can solve real business workflow problems. “Stop; think a moment, and relook at the managed print services vendors…and their portfolios; look at their skill sets; talk to them and see which ones of them can help.”

“Why go with an expensive, complex solution when right there, available to you, are familiar vendors who may, if they’re a leader in managed document services, possibly solve some of these problems for you to help you get rid of more cost in your organization and even drive more top line revenue.”

Watch this video to learn more about why managed print services bring relief to your struggling processes.


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