Integrating Digital Signage Into Today’s Curriculum


To those of us who visit the local mall with any regularity, digital signage means checking out the latest shoes, jeans or other apparel (hopefully) on sale at any number of our favorite retailers. While this is one of the most common applications people would notice on a video wall or digital display board, this form of communication is rapidly becoming popular – and necessary – on college campuses.

One may even see such a display before even stepping foot on a university. Rather than desperately searching for an open parking spot a few minutes before class or visiting a faculty advisor to learn more about a graduate school program, digital signage may alert the driver about an open space in a multitier parking structure.

A video wall in a campus bookstore or visitor center could also remind students about an upcoming parent’s weekend, where to pick up tickets for a weekday basketball and soccer match or further detail on a close-out sale for school-themed hoodies.

While these applications are becoming more common for many universities, digital signage could serve a more noble purpose: preventing violent crimes.

In the event of a dangerous person on or near campus, bomb threat or perhaps even a weather-related event – such as a tornado or hurricane – students and staff may receive timely notifications on digital screens installed throughout a college community.

Much like a civic-wide emergency broadcasting system for the general public, students and staff receive warnings about potentially threatening situations while offering advice on what to do and where to go should such an event actually unfold.

A university’s digital signage implementation should provide those working and studying within an academic setting with encouraging updates on their law or medical school’s latest standing in the all important U.S. News & World Report rankings or lacrosse team’s player of the week. It is also available to serve a more vital objective, if need be.

To learn more about digital signage, contact MCC’s Audio Visual Solutions Division.

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