Illustra Flex Mini-Domes


The Illustra IP Mini-Domes provide high resolution and True Day/Night capabilities. The Illustra 200 and 400 Mini-Domes are high performance, interoperable, and easy to install and use. At D1 and 896 x 720 resolution, image clarity is superior. MJPEG and MPEG-4 compression technologies provide flexible bandwidth management and allow you to tailor the image to meet your needs.

For even more detailed images, the Illustra 600 Mini-Domes offer superior resolution and low light performance. In resolutions of either 720p (1MP) or 1080p (2MP), images are clear and crisp. Each camera has an IR illuminator with anti-reflection technology. This technology keeps the light from shooting into the lens where visual distortions occur.

These cameras also excel in challenging camera views with a patented wide angle Theia lens to avoid “barrel” distortion, and a telephoto Theia lens which helps to avoid unnecessary trenching. The face detection feature, with bit rate analytics, provides clear facial images with low bandwidth usage and storage costs. The auto-focus feature ensures a reduction in downtime and maintenance calls. When an image is out of focus, an alert is sent to the operator who can re-focus the camera immediately. The Illustra 600 Mini-Domes are available in a compact model which includes many of the same features as the full-size mini-dome and is ideal for applications where discretion is important.

The outdoor mini-dome features a built-in heater ring to prevent condensation, and features an IP67 rating for extreme environmental conditions. The indoor mini-domes have three integrated mounts for easy installation. All cameras come with the free Illustra Connect software tool, offering time-saving camera configuration.

For information on this equipment, contact MCC’s Security Solutions Division!

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