The Gift of Sustainable Printing


With the season of giving in full swing, once you step foot inside virtually any retailer, one cannot help but have their array of senses bombarded.

While it is so satisfying to buy the special people in our lives gifts that evoke smiles, laughter – or if we’ve really swished the half-court shot – tears of joy, in this age of sustainability, many of our loved ones are also swayed by products with sustainable elements.

Though business hardware with sustainable components may not elicit tears of joy, such products do influence financial and IT decision makers as many eco-conscious and savvy businesses gravitate toward items that allow their organizations to operate more ecologically sound.

As the manufacturer designing the world’s first multifunction product incorporating erasable toner, Toshiba understands the importance of promoting a sustainable planet while enabling businesses to operate in a greener manner.

Toshiba’s e-STUDIO306LP/RD30 (or eco MFP as it has become known) allows businesses to set an example for their employees while asserting their own corporate ecological leadership. By reusing the same sheet as many as five times, businesses dramatically reduce paper usage while lessening carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by up to 57 percent, as affirmed by global national standards organization, British Standards Institute. The e-STUDIO’s distinctive blue toner further serves to notify users that its output is different from that of other printing devices and ready for reuse.

To additionally minimize an organization’s carbon footprint, the e-STUDIO306LP/RD30 integrates bio-based plastics producing 20 percent less CO2 emissions during production compared to traditional petroleum-based versions.

While you will probably not see the eco MFP listed on any of your friends’ or family members’ wish lists, the groundbreaking printing device will serve to meet the desires of organizations genuinely interested in improving our planet.

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