Managed Print Services: Good for Your Workflow?

When businesses think about automating and optimizing workflows, how often is managed print services (MPS) part of the discussion? Not nearly enough, states Angele Boyd, IDC Group Vice President and General Manager for document solutions business.

“The smart MFPs that enable intelligent, advanced MPS infrastructure can also trigger workflows that have a whole set of other benefits—cost savings and even potential to drive the top line,” explains Boyd.

But, she cautions, not every provider can deliver advanced MPS. In this video, part of the Expert Series sponsored by Lexmark, Boyd recommends criteria for choosing an MPS program that can also support enterprise-level process improvements.

You’ll get expert insights about these and other topics:

– The productivity boost of workflow consistency
– Capturing paper-based content for digital workflow
– Dealing with multi-channel capture
– Connecting workflow to enterprise apps

When enterprises move deeper into MPS engagements, they uncover broader value from their MPS infrastructure. Watch this video and see what benefits you might discover.

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