Tailoring Your Digital Message


Joe Contreras with Toshiba writes

Like any expert marketer, the development of a great message is going to differ for each and every audience. In other words, placing an ad for running shoes at 2 in the morning is probably not going to hit its intended audience. Much like trying on jeans in a dressing room, one size – or one ad in this instance – does not fit all.

Creating a cogent message for a digital signage video wall or LED display is clearly no different. In order to optimize the time and resources of such an installation, one must understand the most likely audience either entering or passing by their doorstep at any time of the day or night. Creating a dynamic ad is obviously paramount, but knowing when to run it is equally important.  Such a strategy is called dayparting.

An example of an effective dayparting strategy may include highlighting a sporting goods store’s most affordable and comfortable footwear in the morning to early afternoon when retirees are likely to visit.

In the late afternoon, the retailer will want to change their message to highlight youth-related items such as skateboards and board shorts to target the younger audience that most likely will be shopping then.

As the sun sets and evening begins, digital messages highlighting higher-end products make more sense since those with more disposable income are now done with work and likely to be shopping.

Aside from providing the necessary technology, Toshiba is a vendor capable of tailoring the proper message to resonate with retail audiences and developing an effective dayparting plan to help you get the most out of your investment.

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