Prepare for holiday mailing schedules


USPS has released a chart displaying recommended mailing dates for the holidays. Direct marketing professionals should be aware of when they need to send holiday promotional mail for it to reach customers on time. Part of planning a successful mailing campaign is getting the timing of the delivery just right, especially during the holidays. Marketers can benefit from taking the time to read delivery schedules and planning ahead of time to make sure mailing go off without a hitch.

USPS offered advice for mailing letters overseas in case marketers or companies need to do so during the holiday season. Having a plan is always the smartest idea for business during the holidays. The National Federation of Independent Business pointed out that organizing marketing and advertising tactics early on in the season will allow for the most success. Investing in the process of mailing promotions, end of the year letters or holiday cards will pay off in the long run and show customers the business cares.

Additionally, as the business prepares to have mailings ready ahead of time, they have plenty of time to plan a successful marketing campaign. The NFIB suggested getting creative and innovative to engage customers and prompt them to buy the products or services offered.

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