Managed Print Services 101


One of the most popular business solutions employed by companies today is managed print services (MPS). With the vast amounts of money spent by organizations on their growing print environments, MPS can not only lead to huge savings, but can also improve efficiency and the overall production of your office. But what exactly is MPS?

Here’s an introduction to the basics of MPS for the beginner

In a nutshell, MPS is the effective management of your hardcopy device fleet (printers, MFPs, copiers, and fax machines) and printed output through outsourcing, resulting in a dedicated print strategy to improve both your bottom line and business processes. By outsourcing the management of all of your printing devices and needs to a single, trusted provider, your staff is free to focus on your core business activities, leaving all of your print requirements, including maintenance, to that single vendor.

Cost savings

According to Gartner, a leading IT industry research and advisory company, “Firms that actively manage their printer fleets can save up to 30% of printing costs.” And since print fleet costs anywhere from one to three percent of an organization’s revenue, that’s a significant amount of savings to be realized. MPS allows you to realize these savings by consolidating all of your devices and solutions into a single comprehensive contract, and implementing a streamlined printing infrastructure tailored to meet your business’ needs.

Increases in productivity and efficiency

The modern office is overwhelmed with enormous amounts of data and documents, and managing all of this information can often prove to be quite a challenge. MPS provides you with worry-free document management, improving your document processing and business efficiency. It brings all of your hardcopy machines and document workflows under control, while providing your employees with access to the information they need, when they need it, all in a secure, confidential environment.

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