6 Helpful A/V Tips to Remember


1.    Audio is key for any event

  • Don’t just check how the audio sounds closest to the podium. Walk throughout the whole room and “experience” the audio from your audience’s perspective.
  • Don’t skimp on audio in favor of video, both are just as important


2.    Know how many “channels” you need
The channel is how you receive and distribute audio via the system. To determine the number of channels, add the total number of the following:

  • How many speakers will you have in your room? Depending on the number, this will determine the number of inputs you need for speakers
  • How many microphones will you have for audience Q&A?
  • How many computers will need to be used for audio?
  • Will you record the session?


3.    Avoid feedback 
The best way to avoid feedback is to locate where the audio speakers are and make sure your microphone/lavier doesn’t cross in front of it. Consider putting tape on the ground to indicate the boundaries for your presenters.

4.    Consider lighting

  • Most planners think about ensuring that one can see the presentation, sometimes neglecting the overall ambience of your room. There are several tricks to both make the presentation visible while creating an ambience for learning.
  • Determine if there are different switches to manage lighting over the presentation screen separately for the rest of the room. If not, inquire about “undoing” some of the spot lights directly over your presentation screen.
  • Test lighting with both light-colored and dark-colored backgrounds


5.    Get the right amount of lighting for your event
Lighting folks will talk in “lumens” which is the amount of light that one candle emits. Double check to make sure this works for you.

  • Break out session: 2500 lumens
  • Presentation: 5000 lumens
  • Small general session: 7500 lumens


6.    Account for spacing 
Make sure you know what type of projection you’re using so you have enough space. Rear-projection will require more room than a front-projector.

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