Postal rate changes call for flexible marketing plan


USPS Board of Governors brought up the possibility of a rate increase at a recent meeting, though decided to table the discussion until mailers had a chance to respond. Various mailing organizations have responded to a possible exigent rate increase, stating higher prices would negatively affect many commercial and individual mailers, according to Direct Marketing News. USPS and postal and mailer unions support initiatives that will help the postal organization reduce financial deficiencies, though a rate increase is still a discussion many industry professionals will have to have.

How companies can adapt

Companies employing direct mailing campaigns will need to prepare and start planning the marketing budget accordingly should a rate change occur. Having a flexible promotional agenda will make the transition easier if changes are initiated. Branding a company requires adapting to industry advancement and customer demands, meaning direct mail campaigns will change from time to time. It’s important to recognize the need for a malleable strategy and strong mailing list hygiene method to ensure all contact addresses are accurate. Streamlining the process and being able to change it now and again will leave room for more success down the road.

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