Toshiba TEC Expands e-BRIDGE MFP Solution Suite with Android™ Mobile Solution

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Toshiba TEC, global leaders in printing and imaging solutions and services, announced today that Android™ smart phone and tablet PC users may now download the Toshiba TEC’s print and scan software app, “e-BRIDGE Print & Capture,” adding extra productivity-enhancing tools for an increasingly mobile workforce.

Seamless scanning from a Toshiba e-STUDIO MFP to an Android™ device and sharing your files with other office software applications is now a reality. Users can also attach scanned files to email, share documents with other Android™ applications or upload files to a cloud storage support service such as, Google Drive, SkyDrive, DropBox.

The “e-BRIDGE Print & Capture” app allows users to scan, print and save content whenever and wherever they are. And to offer maximum convenience, users can choose from a range of scanning formats including JPEG, TIFF and PDF.

As paper remains the strongest copy of record, the new app helps keep original paper records, yet helps lowering document storage costs and decreasing fax and courier service fees by cutting time spent managing paper files.

This new print and scan app supports cloud-based data storage centers, allowing users to upload data into the Cloud and retrieving it either on the mobile device or print the information out on their Toshiba e-STUDIO MFP.

The “e-BRIDGE Print & Capture” Android version is first available in English and Japanese, and the multi language of Android version and the iOS version to be released sequentially.

One more innovative feature of the new mobile app which will be supported in the new edition is the integration of Toshiba TEC’s Re-Rite OCR application. Re-Rite allows users to convert paper documents into editable file formats on the fly and then distribute those files to a shared network folder, an email address or both.

For more information on Toshiba and e-Bridge, contact MCC today for a consult and demonstration.


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