Cloud Document Management: Secure, Reliable, Simple


If you’re in the market for document management software or a document management system, you’ve probably heard about “cloud document management.” But what is it, and what does it mean?

The cloud is definitely gaining acceptance. But there are still misunderstandings out there about just what “the cloud” is, and how cloud document management works.

No matter the vertical, any successful organization needs a reliable way to access critical data securely, quickly and easily, from as many locations as possible. Document management systems – both on-premise and in the cloud – exist to help accomplish this goal. The best ones streamline document capture (scanning, digital importation, etc.), document storage (tagging and indexing), document retrieval (full-text search, metadata search) and version control (audit trails, check in/out, etc.) into a single efficient, user-friendly package. 

What is cloud document management?

In on-premise document management systems, data is managed, stored and processed on servers located within the confines of an individual business. Cloud document management systems do the same on dedicated servers located in off-site data centers and accessed via encrypted VPN connections.

Leading cloud document management providers, like Cabinet, house their servers in secure, redundant data centers protected by bio-metric scanners, digital firewalls and multiple sources of power and cooling. This ensures that only authorized users can access the stored data, and likely provides better security than local servers, which must be maintained by in-house IT staff or outsource resources. 

Why cloud document management?

There are numerous benefits to cloud document management. Like all document management software, cloud document management systems – like Cabinet’s SAFE CLOUD – are designed to help organizations go paperless. This frees up valuable office space, decreases or eliminates wasted time searching for documents, streamlines workflows and more. Cloud document management, in particular, reduces the burden on IT staff, who can focus on creating efficiencies and troubleshooting elsewhere.

Cloud document management also makes collaboration as simple as possible. Multiple offices in separate locations can access the same documents securely, using a range of devices. Employees who work remotely can get up to speed fast on daily tasks. This allows organizations to disseminate important information quickly, confident that everyone is receiving the same trustworthy data. When authorized employees can share and collaborate on documents quickly and easily, efficiencies manifest themselves.

A reliable cloud document management system delivers all of these benefits and more. Contact MCC’s Integrated Solutions Division today to learn more about Cabinet and to schedule your consultation and demons

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