Analog to IP Migration Options


Security professionals are more cost-conscious today than ever before. When a business is focused on the bottom line, it is not always economically feasible to implement a brand new security system using the latest state-of-the-art technology.

Like the automobile industry, where it was noted in an article by the Boston Globe that the average age of cars on American roads is more than 11 years old compared with 9 years old a few years ago, the security industry wants its technology to last longer.

This has been a recognized trend in the security market, as security directors look to make the most of their security technology investments. This is especially true with analog-based surveillance systems, which have reliably served as the foundation for numerous surveillance programs.

With that in mind, security professionals want to keep the systems they currently have in place, but take advantage of opportunities to invest in the newest technology. But is it truly possible for both the new and the old to coexist?

The introduction of unified client management software is, indeed, making it possible. Customers can now view and manage video from both digital video recorders and network video recorders through one application, making it possible to leverage past investments in analog devices while adding IP devices at their own pace.

Also, hybrid-based video recording systems have made it a reality for both the new and older systems to coexist. These high performance hybrid-based recorders can record and manage video from both standard analog and IP cameras.

As a result customers now have the ability to change out and upgrade their video systems slowly, including being able to incorporate IP megapixel cameras. This enables a clear migration path for customers as they retain the devices that are still providing adequate performance and add new technology only where it is required.

For security professionals who consistently review security needs, it’s important to keep in mind that there are numerous solutions available on the market today to leverage existing systems while making the transition to newer technology.

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