3 tips to stay in contact with clients using address verification


Address verification is an important part of any sales or marketing program. Staying in contact with clients and ensuring they have a positive experience with the company will allow businesses to retain customers and build a solid foundation of growth. It’s also important to keep in touch because the business world functions on the network of connections and relationships created to benefit each and every professional. Building a stronger relationship with customers will be beneficial in the long run for the company, but also for the sales person and marketing teams that get to deal directly with those purchasing products or services from the brand.

The Marketing Donut pointed out that building a personal network is an important part of being a professional, and it can also benefit the organization a person works for as well. Keeping in touch with customers requires address quality efforts to make sure contact information is accurate 100 percent of the time. Reaching out to a client with the wrong information is not only counterproductive; it also creates a gap between the company and its buyer. This can be detrimental in the long run.

Keeping a system clean to ensure continued contact and a strong relationship requires businesses to focus on data quality maintenance. There are many ways to go about it, but these three tips from Musings of a Data Geek are essential to long-term success:

1. Focus on key information
Look at the database and figure out what customer information needs to be prioritized. Organize the fields, tables and spreadsheets that hold the company’s data and understand how the system is set up to present the information. Talk with executives about the vision of the organization and try to align data priorities with that vision. Only clean and use the data that is relevant to what the organization needs to accomplish.

2. Measure current data quality
Once the company has a good idea of what type of information it has and how it is stored, it can start to measure it and see what is accurate. Utilizing address software to clean the database will allow businesses to confront any discrepancies and right them.

3. Continue the efforts
Arguably one of the most important steps, repeating the process of analyzing and cleansing data will ensure continued success. Only addressing data issues once will not help the company utilize data to its full potential. Instead, implementing a strong procedure that is continually used will be the most beneficial over the long run.

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