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Most businesses recognize the need for a document archive, containing critical information from the firm’s past. But is a traditional, passive document archive enough? Often, the answer is “no.”

Imagine visiting your local library in search of a particular page in a particular book. Now imagine that this library has no organization to speak of – no alphabetized shelves, no Dewey Decimal System … nothing. You’re confident your book is in the building, so it’s “safe.” But since finding it would be extremely time-consuming and frustrating, what good does that do you?

Offices worldwide run into this issue every day. Sure, documents are technically “safe” in filing cabinets or in a traditional digital document archive. But that doesn’t mean they’re useful there. If documents are difficult to find and use – very much the case in most document archives – they’re adding nothing to the company.

An active document archive – the kind that’s created when you use industry-leading document management software – is imperative for getting the most out of your files. This kind of document archive can save your company valuable time and money. When your company’s files are stored securely in a searchable, user-friendly, intuitive document archive or electronic document management system, there is no question that your documents can be located when you need them the most.

The best document management software for creating active document archives offer users:

  • Easy access to any file, no matter when they were archived
  • The ability to securely send files to vendors and clients, regardless of whether they use the same system
  • Direct integration with third-party applications, such as Salesforce and QuickBooks
  • Dramatic streamlining of workflows and approval cycles.

MCC is your provider for core document management software  through Cabinet SAFE that can addresses all of these issues and more. SAFE is the ideal solution for organizations that need to establish an intuitive, searchable electronic document archive. With user-friendly search features, one-click secure file sharing and out-of-the-box integration with third party applications, SAFE is the document archive solution for the modern workplace.

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