Are You Getting The Most Out Of Your MPS?


Companies sometimes go into managed print services (MPS) without realizing its full value. Many vendors talk about devices, device consolidation and simplified management, but that’s just part of what MPS can offer.

True MPS focuses on what helps your teams be more productive. It’s not about printers and click charges; it’s about your people and the information they need to do their jobs. Most workers just want to print what they need when they need it. They don’t want responsibility for all the things that go along with making that happen.

Helpful MPS tips

Plan for Maximum MPS Value: Plan for capturing the full potential of MPS from the very beginning. Otherwise you end up with just a click-charge program that saves some money in the short-term, but misses out on maximum long-term sustainable savings and so much more: Infrastructure optimization, proactive management and business optimization.

Proactive Management Is About Freedom: Proactive MPS management frees employee to spend less time on getting output and more time on putting it to use. With fewer distractions, your employees can be more productive and spend more time with customers. Proactive management through automated alerts notifies the global fleet monitoring system that a device is heading toward a problem, or consumables are getting low at another location. The fleet is managed without getting employees involved.

Think Beyond Hardware and Clicks: A holistic MPS strategy goes beyond infrastructure and sets the stage for a bigger return on investment. Think broadly and creatively about your MPS decisions. Otherwise, you restrict the benefits your organization can realize from MPS.

Industry-specific Solutions Improve Customer Experience: From the beginning, think about what capabilities the technology you’re putting in place has to help proactive services and to enable business process optimization. Intelligent multifunction devices can do more than copy and print and scan. When paired with process improvement solutions, they improve the customer experience and make your business more productive.

Make Process Improvement Part of the Equation: Improving business processes is not part of the typical MPS equation, but it should be. Process improvement is within the scope of an MPS strategy. Don’t fall into a quick judgment to just consolidate devices without considering the technology you’ll need to do more, like proactive monitoring and process improvement. As a business optimization tool, MPS uses technology to streamline workflow, accelerate cycle times, reduce errors and increase accuracy.

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