USPS Shares Sustainability Report


Demonstrating continued progress after five years of annual corporate sustainability reporting, the U.S. Postal Service recently released its 2012 Annual Sustainability Report, highlighting accomplishments including reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, solid waste and facility energy use.

The Postal Service reported a 9.9 percent decrease, or 1.3 million metric tons, in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions since 2008 — nearly equivalent to removing 270,000 passenger vehicles from the road for a year. The goal is to reduce GHG emissions by 20 percent by fiscal year 2020. In addition, the Postal Service decreased facility energy use by 34 percent since 2003, achieving the goal of a 30 percent reduction by 2015.

“The Postal Service continues to make sustainability progress that is not only the right thing to do for the environment, but is right for our business,” said Chief Sustainability Officer Thomas G. Day. “We are exceeding targets in key areas and are working to improve efforts across the organization every day.”

Direct mail may not always be thought of as the most sustainable promotional method, but with industry leaders like USPS making an effort to establish an environmentally friendly program, it is definitely possible to reduce the carbon footprint of mailing campaigns.

You can help your organization start taking the necessary steps to a greener mailing campaign by simply employing an address management system. This will drastically reduce the amount of mail being wasted and ensuring you that it is reaching the right hands. Contact MCC today to learn more.

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