How to Turn Your Office MFP into a Business Enabler

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With all of the ways we have to access electronic information, it’s still amazing how much paper we use in our business processes. In some cases it’s just easier to use paper. In others it’s because no one has implemented the technology to eliminate the paper.

You can simplify incorporating paper documents into a business process by using your MFP. Common uses of paper documents are when someone needs a signature, like for mortgage documents, legal contracts and purchase orders. When you have a signed document, you can put it into the sheet feeder of your MFP and click a button.

This is where the magic happens. If you have a connector to a business application, the document is scanned and moved directly into a business process. You may route the file into a document management system, send an email to an internal or external user or kick off a workflow that starts an order fulfillment process. The result is an automated way to incorporate paper documents into electronic business processes.

This also simplifies collaboration between departments or people in other time zones. Think of scanning an order form in California and having it simultaneously start a billing process and informing sales and management teams in New York and Tokyo of a new sale. A sales manager could get a copy of the order in email so he or she can quickly see it on their smart phone.

The MFP and its connectors also provide security and complete activity auditing. They typically use encrypted communication to move files around an organization and implement authentication mechanisms so only authorized people can send and receive.

Your MFP is more than a copier and printer. Use it with application connectors to enable your business to automate and streamline business processes.

Contact MCC’s Document Solutions Division today for a consult and demonstration in order to determine which MFP is right for your organization.

Today’s blog insight was provided by Toshiba’s Managed Print Services Team.


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