How an Automatic Letter Opener can Help You Pick up the Pace


Automatic letter openers are a necessary office tool that will cut down on revenue and lost time. It is the perfect example of how a small investment can save your business a lot over time.

Repetitive, thoughtless tasks like opening stacks of envelopes zap people of motivation and bring things in an office to a crawl, especially during afternoon hours when a lot of busy work gets shuffled around. In contrast, running letters through an automated opener is something that can often be performed without an employee directly involved.

Cut Back on Employee Hours

Some business owners know they need an automatic letter opener. Their employees may deal with thousands of letters a day, a job that would require three or four people working by hand. What these owners might not know is that new advancements in mechanized openers have made the investment even more profitable.

Which letter opener is right for you and which one presents the best investment for your operations depends entirely on the amount of mail you go through and how it’s sorted. There are small units that deal with stacks of hundreds of envelopes or machines that can tackle hundreds of thousands. You can even go one step further with a machine that will not only open your envelopes but extract the contents as well.

Preventing Paper Cuts, Torn Mail, and Scraps

Paper cuts may not fall into the serious injury category, but they can be annoying enough to slow down your workforce. Many of today’s machines process envelopes by quickly removing a small amount from the top or bottom of the envelope and leaving behind a feathered cut edge. This not only manages the risk of lost mail due to over-trimming but also creates a paper product unlikely to cut or irritate the skin.

Quality machines, even at the basic level, are designed to control paper waste as well. Instead of a mountain of strips growing behind your letter opener, removed strips are either funneled to a waste storage system or left attached to the envelopes for the recipient to either remove or work around. The busy work these machines avoid can make up for hours of lost work every week.

No Sorting Necessary

Even rudimentary machines today should require little to no sorting of regular mailing envelope sizes. In the past, sorting was an intensive task that detracted from the benefits of automated openers. Now you just stack and go, without having to worry about jams, resetting your letter opening machines, and any time-wasting measures familiar to the first electric office mail sorters.

If your business has a large number of letters to handle every day, consider the investment of an automated letter opener. Much improved over the first models on the market, today’s machines cut back on paper waste, torn mail mistakes, the need for sorting, and the risks of paper cuts. They also typically require fewer workers to handle as well, making these devices an easy way to save on time and increase office productivity.

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