Benefits of Merging Analog and IP Video in Retail


Like thousands of other businesses worldwide, your retail operations may already have a significant investment in powerful and dependable DVRs and analog cameras but you’re thinking about making the leap to IP. You may be asking yourself: how do I improve store performance and keep employees and customers safe, all while making sure operations stay in line with my budget? Fortunately, IP video surveillance technology enables you to accomplish all of this.

Some of the benefits of implementing a unified video management solution include:

  • Preserve your existing analog investment
  • Easily and cost-effectively expand video surveillance operations
  • Take advantage of the powerful features of IP video recorders and high-definition cameras

In the retail industry, the move to IP video surveillance has certainly had a slow start but attitudes are starting to shift. Many retailers have invested large amounts of money in analog video technologies and are hesitant to make the leap to IP as their analog systems are working just fine. Or so they think. Many feel that the strategy of ripping out their analog video and spending thousands of dollars to purchase IP video is just not beneficial to their financial health. However, the more retailers learn about IP video the more they are starting to see the benefits, but the move, like any change, is still not without nervousness.

In the past, retailers had the notion that their analog video systems were good enough or that IP was not mature enough. They didn’t need more or less than what they had. After they started delving more into the features IP video offers, they saw the true benefits: higher image quality, built-in intelligence, lower cost and remote video monitoring. They became interested but remained a bit perplexed as to how they could incorporate this technology without ripping out their current systems and throwing away their significant investments. With an open-platform unified video management solution, problem solved. Retailers can continue using existing analog DVRs and cameras while at the same time incorporating NVRs and IP cameras in specific areas at their convenience and within their tight budgets. They can replace analog video with IP in areas that require tighter monitoring or higher resolution such as at cash registers, loading docks, and key areas of their warehouses while leveraging their investment in analog video in other areas.  The key is figuring out the best plan and timeline for adoption within their environment.

If you would like to learn more and help find the right move for your organizations surveillance, contact MCC today and let one of our trained Security Solutions specialists provide you with the best options available.

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