Looking for an Affordable High Impact Color MFP for Your Office


You need black and white, but you’d like to add color. Now they’re both available in a compact size at a sensible price, thanks to the new e-STUDIO407cs series from Toshiba. Copy, print, scan and fax with the MFP that does it all, for less.

Small and medium sized businesses, from healthcare to education to finance, can now take advantage of everything Toshiba MFPs have to offer, in a surprisingly small package. The new e-STUDIO407cs series prints black and white or color at speeds of up to 42 ppm for letter size paper and 34 ppm for legal size. It incorporates leading LED technology that reduces the overall size and simplifies the design. An e-BRIDGE Universal Print Driver, the single driver for all Toshiba e-BRIDGE series models, includes plug-ins for the simple addition of a variety of productivity enhancing options.

A long list of impressive features and benefits are available on the e-STUDIO407cs series. Toshiba e-BRIDGE technology provides consistency across our family of MFPs. After you’ve learned one, you can operate many. You’ll find the same operability, user interface, open platform connectors, cloud and mobile printing and scanning, and management utilities as the current e-BRIDGE lineup. It features a small footprint, light weight and quiet operation. Maintenance is simpler than ever because of replacement units that can be easily installed by anyone. The color output is incredible, with enhanced image quality and vivid, glossy colors.

The outstanding performance of the e-STUDIO407cs series is due, in large part, to advanced e-BRIDGE technology. This Toshiba e-STUDIO series is available for small and medium sized businesses looking for affordable color. The list of features is impressive, including Universal Print Drivers with plug-ins, web browsing and printing, open platform connectors and mobile printing. Additional features and benefits include:

Compact, lightweight, and packs a punch

This powerful, compact letter and legal sized device saves space and money, offering one of the smallest footprints among comparable MFPs.

LED print head

An innovative LED light source for printing results in low noise, easy maintenance and a smaller, more compact size.

Impressive image quality

Get attention-grabbing gloss output with a greater range of colors. An optional e-BRIDGE Color Profiler and spot-on color matching can help you create output that’s even more impactful.

High performance print engine

A technologically advanced, high performance print engine allows for a faster warm up and First Copy Out Time. Not to mention an overall energy reduction to help the environment and your budget.

Easy to use

Now it’s easier than ever to operate an MFP. Thanks, in part, to a nine-inch display consistent with other Toshiba devices, hard keys or buttons used for main functions, and an e-BRIDGE Open Platform for flexible integration.

Plenty of options

Choose from a variety of options to take greater advantage of the e-STUDIO407cs series. Like a space-saving inner finisher, 2000-sheet LCF or 4-drawer configuration, Job Point for cluster printing with up to 10 e-STUDIO models, Re-Rite for one-touch automatic OCR as well as a Fax Unit, Wireless LAN Module, and IPSec Enabler.

Managed Print Services

Look to our highly experienced Managed Print Experts to help you cut costs, streamline operations, control your output environment, secure documents, and reduce your environmental impact.

And that’s not all the list of outstanding features goes on and on. In fact, it goes something like this: Job Skip allows you to skip to the next job if one job runs out of paper or toner. Omit Blank Page removes all blank pages from all jobs. Outside Erase lets you copy or scan books and 3D objects with the RADF open. Envelope Printing can be done straight from the bypass. One Touch Templates automates complex or frequently repeated jobs. Standard Tandem Printing completes large jobs faster by dividing the work between two printers. And e-Filing lets you print, edit and manage stored documents.

Leading innovation in high security

Data has never been more secure. The e-STUDIO407cs series incorporates propriety Toshiba technology in a number of ways to provide a level of data protection for IT equipment that sets a new standard.

With the need for data security at an all-time high, Toshiba’s leading, innovative technology is at the forefront. Our propriety Self-Encrypting Drive (SED) uses unique Wipe Technology along with a host of other security functions to protect data like never before. If anyone takes the Hard Disk Drive (HDD) from the MFP and attempts to install it into another device, all of the data is automatically erased. If the HDD is removed and then returned to the same MFP, the data remains intact and can be accessed as usual. There’s an encryption key that is safely stored on the HDD. In addition, HDD data is quickly invalidated at end of life so you don’t have to worry about that, either.

To provide even more security, Toshiba has included a secure PDF encryption feature with up to 128-bit AES, IP/MAC address filtering, Role Based Access Control, an SNMPv3 protocol for enhanced security administration and an optional IPSec protocol. There is also a Private Print feature that requires a password for printing. Thanks to all of the advanced security features, the e-STUDIO407cs series is the highest security level.

Technologically advanced, environmentally sound

Toshiba began developing innovative ways to reduce environmental impact long before it became the popular thing to do. In addition to a smaller footprint with regard to size, the e-STUDIO407cs series also has a smaller ecological footprint.

While Toshiba is working to help save the environment, we’re also helping you save money. The e-STUDIO407cs series uses a mono component development method that eliminates waste material. An enhanced Sleep Mode has a 1.5 W power consumption to further reduce energy usage. Other ways in which Toshiba puts environmental responsibility into action include a recycling program, reduction of CO2 emissions, and the recycling of plastics. Reduction or elimination of hazardous materials such as lead and mercury enable the series to comply with environmental standards around the world. Everything together qualifies the series for the new Energy Star Tier 2 compliance.

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