The Value of Mail: Alive and Well

As business professionals involved in mail processing it’s easily understood that mail has real value. After all many businesses rely on the mail to send out invoices, vendor payments, product announcements, and other correspondence that are central to running a successful business.

In an age of Smartphones and social networks, the mail remains an important channel that can help build relationships and generate business. No one understands this better than the US Postal Service. Each year the USPS conducts a Mail Moment Survey to capture the latest data on the trends impacting the value of mail.

The most recent survey demonstrated that mail is highly valued by businesses and consumers alike. Here are a few highlighted data points:

  • 80% look at their mail daily as a valuable new source
  • 75% like to see what’s in the mail
  • 63% of mail is kept at least 2 days

With the prevalence of email and access to internet news these attitudes are noteworthy across all demographics. Surprisingly theses attitudes hold true even for a younger generation.

The results for this tech dependent generation show that that mail still matters to them:

  • 79% sort the mail at the first opportunity
  • 67% scan the mail looking for important /interesting mail
  • 72% would like to receive more person mail 

The Mail Moment Survey confirms that mail is still a trusted medium. But despite its importance to business, mail remains an under-managed activity. At a time of major structural change in the industry, too many businesses are failing to make the most of opportunities to save on postal expenses, and improve productivity to grow. In an effort to create excitement and engage with the mail to help grow your business Gary Reblin, USPS Vice President of New Products and Innovations, provided proven recommendations and insights during a recent webinar. Gary shared the specifics of how to save on postage while improving the effectiveness of direct mail campaigns. For more information please review the presentation here and view the on-demand recording to hear the entire session.

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