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Recent incidents of school violence have renewed the interest in enhanced security for schools and the deployment of additional security technologies. Access control, video surveillance and security communications are all technical tools which are in demand from authorities and parents.

A secured perimeter with controlled access and emergency lockdown; extended video surveillance, and reliable dedicated communications allows notification of hazards and helps orchestrate defensive and offensive responses that are essential parts of the modern security management system.

Unlike other emergency-only type systems such as fire burglar and panic systems, intercoms provide convenience and a sense of control and security which the end-user uses and appreciates every day, not just in a crisis. After installing a system of such you will wonder how you managed day to day operation without it.  

For smaller private schools, with only a single entry point and a few other internal locations in which access needs to be controlled, analog based technology provides the functionality at an acceptable price point.

Larger campuses for instance with a lower school and a middle school together and an upper school nearby can be interconnected with a LAN (local area network). This can accommodate the desire for all the doors requiring control to be viewed and controlled from multiple desks, and also that each desk can communicate with one another.

Being able to configure systems to meet the client’s exact requirements, while still having the option of expanding in the future, is an important consideration when selecting products as well.

Memphis Communications Corporation is an industry leader in providing Security Solutions.   We help find solutions that are adaptable to a wide variety of applications in order to provide custom solutions to our clients.

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