Personalize Your Direct Mail Using an Addressing System


Addressing printers maximize the impact of your mailings by customizing your envelopes and documents. With the ability to print envelopes with your logo, eye catching ads or marketing messages, you are able to get your message over to customers in the shortest possible time and with the most reliable addressing equipment.

Envelope printing programs are developed with the latest technology on the market. They enable you to increase the productivity of your mail center and to handle high mailing volumes.

  • Increase response rates: turn the blank space on a standard envelope into a medium for your message. Your mail is more likely to be opened if your audience is effectively targeted.
  • Enhance operational efficiency with improved productivity and total flexibility for printing addresses on envelopes.
  • Save money thanks to addressing printer software that allows you the best possible postal rates and offers an address cleansing solution.

MCC’s addressing systems can easily be integrated into your existing mail processing facilities. Our printers for envelopes come with a variety of finishing options to suit your needs whether you need to print in colors other than black, use different size and thicknesses of paper and folding and inserting systems.

To schedule a demo, contact MCC’s Mailing Solutions Division today.

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