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Mail Software Solutions help companies to manage and control their mailing services and parcel flows. Increase the value of your mail and parcel by optimizing output management while increasing the number of items of mail and parcels that reach their intended recipients on time.

Shipping software solutions help both individual shippers as well as parcel carriers in the processing and tracking of parcels and letters. Manage and control your mail & parcel costs and improve the processing quality by leveraging our tracking and accounting solutions.

Desktop mailing software facilitates the automation of mail preparation by the sender and its processing by the post office. It helps to reduce postal costs while bringing the quality of documents and mailings up to the best professional standards.

Memphis Communications Corporation’s PrintMachine™ solution is a software application that retrieves raw data from the user’s IT system (integrated management software, client database etc.) in order to create and format customized and composite documents, including images, graphics and even page backgrounds. The software creates and applies bar codes or OMR codes to the document according to different grouping or associated document criteria, or even security criteria. At the time of enveloping, the codes read by the folder inserters allow for content selection and ensure integrity.

For address management and data quality solutions, our Satori Software products are industry-leading address management solutions for organizations that collect and manage data and send out mail to contact lists. The solutions help mailers and database administrators increase overall address quality based on address validation and changes, reducing the volume of returned mail, achieving faster delivery times, and saving money on postage, address correction fees, and wasted literature.

Also available is Mail Accounting Software (MAS) which is designed for businesses with more sophisticated needs than those provided by a standard mailing machine. MAS will collect, maintain and report on mail accounting data, helping you track and better control your business mail expenses. Productivity is naturally enhanced, with better management of all aspects of mail reporting and budgeting. MAS can be used from any computer with appropriate network access – there’s no need to install the mailing software on every user’s PC. The easy-to-use, customizable user interface provides instant access to all mail data, in all mail centers and in real time.

To help determine which solution is right for you and your business, contact MCC today to setup a free demo.

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