Low-Light Performing Surveillance Solutions


Have you taken the time to really look around? Whether it be high or low, you will find surveillance cameras are everywhere. They are with you in the park, your local drugstore and even in your parking lot at work. Recognizing the value and safety that they bring has made their presence much more acceptable.

Initially when people hear the words surveillance cameras it is associated with protecting the good guys from the bad ones. While that is still one of the most important benefits security provides, it isn’t the only. For many businesses and municipalities the use of surveillance cameras has evolved to extend beyond personal safety to also include the protection of property and assets.

This necessary transition in recent years has come forth as companies and government agencies are faced with tighter budgets and the need to protect current investments. Speaking on a city and government level, these entities put forth a hefty expense each year towards fleet vehicles ranging from police cruisers to maintenance vehicles. Therefore the desire is to not only safeguard citizens and employees, but in particular the investment in the parking lot.

The expense associated with auto theft and damage has been as high as $4.3 billion dollars in recent years across the U.S. With frequency so great and cost so high, it’s no wonder that organizations of all types have turned to cameras to monitor their property and assets to be able to clearly identify anyone caught on video stealing a vehicle, tires or siphoning gas.

Protecting vehicles in a parking lot can be a challenging task in the security industry. Your surveillance system needs to be able to handle the elements thrown at it by Mother Nature such as reliably functioning in the bright sunlight, but can also offer superior low-light performance for the nighttime or highly cloudy days.

The market has seen further development of IP-based day night cameras in recent years as security manufacturers have leveraged sensor, encoding, and processing power from the automotive and other industries. The result is the introduction of cameras that provide consistent image quality in a variety of outdoor environments for continuous 24/7 surveillance. As end users extend the use of their surveillance cameras from beyond protecting people to protecting property, IP day night cameras are becoming a fiscally responsible solution of choice. 

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