Do Customers Prefer Online or Printed Material?

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Based on recent trends in mobile device growth you probably assume that everyone prefers online information to printed information. The reality is more complicated than a simple yes or no answer.

According to a consumer study by Epsilon last year, preferences depend on the type of information and how people choose to consume it. Between 30 and 40% of people prefer direct mail for health information, insurance and financial services statements. In many cases they prefer printed materials for reference purposes and security. Many times it’s more convenient to read a paper statement than to pull something up on a screen. It also depends on where someone will read the document.

Many people like scanning a QR code with a phone that takes them to a website. Just as many take paper brochures and whitepapers, because it’s easy to flip through them and hand them to a colleague. When a flight attendant says to turn off all electronic devices, you can still read the paper brochure.

According to the same study, mobile device users were 40-50% more likely to prefer email and online communications than non-users. Not only are billing and transactional statements shifting to online options, but mobile apps make it very easy to access them with a few taps. Younger generations want to access information through mobile devices, since they are being raised in an online world.

Deciding whether to print or present materials online is a matter of customer preference. Offering people the choice is usually the best solution. More business transactions are moving online, while many people prefer printed archival and reference documents. You may like to pay a bill online, but sometimes it’s better to hold a colorful brochure in your hands.

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