Color Increases the Impact of Business Documents


Market research confirms that color increases a document’s impact. For example, ads done in color attract more attention.

Color communicates information up to 70% faster than black and white. The human eye is drawn toward color so, when used properly, color draws the reader directly to the most important data in a chart, flyer or report. Consider these statistics about how viewers experience color:

  • Color improves understanding by 73%
  • Color improves decision-making by 70%
  • People are 85% more likely to buy when an item is presented in color
  • Color material is read first and read longer
  • Ad readership increases by 52% if it is in color
  • Ads in the Yellow Pages get 44% more response when red is used
  • Invoices in color are paid 30% faster
  • Color coding decreases error rates by up to 80% compared with non color-coded  items
  • Visual retrieval time of a document is reduced by 80% when there is color
  • Brand identification increases by 70% when we use color
  • Presentations and printed pages are perceived as 60% better when they are in color
  • Color increases recall in educational materials and training manuals by 60%

Color can improve internal efficiency as well. The biggest challenge of corporate users is managing and using the piles of information that come across their desks. Using color in internal communications raises the efficiency of workers by letting them quickly analyze complex data and by helping them to reduce errors.

Using outside printing firms to create marketing and sales documents requires large runs to be cost effective. The result is that printed materials are often obsolete before they are used.

On-demand printing, however, allows users to print documents as needed, and make changes without wasting money and paper.

In addition, color allows smaller firms to look more professional.

Bringing color printing technologies into the workplace will improve internal and external communications. Ultimately, color output technologies can dramatically improve the image you project, add more impact to your business communications, raise profits and reduce costs.

Let MCC help you choose and implement the best document solution technology for your office that will help you lower costs, fine tune your processes and increase work productivity. One of our trained staff can help by showing you a free demo in order make the right move for you and your business.

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