Your Interactive Whiteboard Goes Mobile

Interactive Whiteboard technology can help bring your lessons to life. Teachers all over the world have already discovered the power that this technology can have in a classroom. It is helping their students learn more in a shorter amount of time. This technology is truly revolutionizing classrooms.

Unlike your standard blackboard or even dry erase board, MCC can provide your learning environment with an interactive whiteboard that can be positioned anywhere in your room allowing you to share your board across a classroom very easily as well as move it in and out of spaces with improved accessibility.

Offering the world’s best-designed mobile interactive whiteboard stand, you can integrate your board and projector into one mobile, adjustable unit. Turn any space into an interactive learning and presentation space quickly. Best of all, no tools or technical expertise are required to adjust the height or the location–just press a button to drop the height, and roll through any standard-size doorway.

With finger touch operation and low noise level, the presenter can adjust the height without disrupting the flow of the interactive presentation. The height range improves accessibility for users of all stature.

Having the optional mobility to move your board closer or further from an audience is a snap, with large casters that permit easy rolling. The casters are also ‘total lock’ to prevent unwanted rolling and pivoting. Drop to the lowest setting and roll through a standard size doorway, your board is now easy to relocate–ideal for shared-technology environments.

If you have not revolutionized your classroom or learning space, let one of our trained professionals at MCC walk you through a demo to show you how easy, convenient and fun your learning can be with a mobile interactive whiteboard.


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