Toshiba Unveils Super MPS/MDS (Managed Print Services/Managed Document Services)

Toshiba, global leaders in printing and imaging products, solutions and services, unveiled the world’s first Super MPS/MDS platform, providing unparalleled asset management services for Document Management requirements in both the Supply Chain and Office Environments.

“With the world’s first integrated MPS/MDS solution for both the office environment and supply chain operations, Toshiba has checked all the boxes when it comes to delivering cost-effective maintenance requirements and further reducing overhead for smart enterprises across the board,” said Hidetaka Nonami, General Manager, Products & Marketing Division, Global Solutions Business Group, Toshiba Tec Corporation.

Bringing peace of mind with this new enterprise Super MPS/MDS, Toshiba enables much greater operational efficiency and delivers much needed capital expenditure transparency.


Toshiba Super MPS/MDS at a Glance

Toshiba has integrated its Barcode Label printing systems (BCS) into the Super MPS/MDS offering and for the first time customers can add barcode label functionalities to their overall MPS/MDS solution.

Integrating Toshiba’s powerful industrial barcode printing systems completes Super MPS/MDS as the world’s first end-to-end MPS/MDS solution that combines optimum equipment placement and workflow improvements with unified management for both the office and the supply chain processes of your business.

Part of Toshiba’s continuous improvement process is the introduction of a tally counter which provides you with the real-time status of your label consumption by label length.

The Super MPS/MDS also delivers consolidated device management with a unified application tool for both MFP and BCS systems to monitor the device status and detect remaining amounts of consumables. By using Toshiba’s Super MPS/MDS, the click charge system usually used for MFPs has ben extended to BCS; customers can enjoy a transparent monthly charge for their combined installed base of MFP and BCS systems.

Reaching out to businesses and organizations in Education, Retail, Healthcare, Legal and Banking/Finance, Toshiba’s Super MPS/MDS is also a perfect fit for replacing existing MPS/MDS installations with a future-proof and money-saving data management solution.

New color MFP e-STUDIO407CS/347CS/287CS In Brief

Upgrading to Toshiba Super MPS/MDS presents your enterprise with the opportunity of long-term profitability, efficiency, cost savings and environmental sustainability on the entire spectrum of document processes. Toshiba has added three compact A4 color MFPs to its lineup, supporting businesses that are looking to further reduce their administrative efforts, meet all legal requirements and increase the efficiency of their digital business processes.

All three compact A4 MFP solutions, the e-STUDIO287CS, e-STUDIO347CS and the e-STUDIO407CS bring on Toshiba’s first A4/Letter e-BRIDGE models using the same system software as the A3 e-STUDIO series to achieve optimal efficiency. The three new additions completed the new eco-friendly e-STUDIO MFP series, combining Toshiba’s long product lifecycle reliability with low cost per page and easy operation.

  • The latest e-BRIDGE controller with a tiltable 9″ colour touch screen for ease of use
  • A warm up time of less than 60 seconds
  • Three different Copy/Print speeds: the e-STUDIO287CS at 28 cpm/ppm; e-STUDIO347CS at 34 cpm/ppm (monochrome: 36 cpm/ppm) and the e-STUDIO407CS at 40 cpm/ppm
  • Standard Feeder of 630 sheets can be extended with an optional large capacity feeder offering printing capacity of up to 2,000 sheets for a wide variety of paper sizes
  • A 160GB Security HDD with Standard network Interfaces as well as high-speed USB interface and wireless LAN capabilities.

The new e-STUDIO 287CS, e-STUDIO347CS and e-STUDIO407CS MFP systems will be available April 2013 from MCC the exclusive Toshiba dealer in the Mid-South.


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