Popular Security Camera Monitoring Apps for both iPhone & Android

You’ve taken every precaution to keep your business secure. The installation of security cameras is the final touch to keep an eye on things. You can’t physically be there every hour of every day. Luckily you can still keep an eye on things remotely via your iPhone or Android.

Below is a list of the most popular security camera monitoring apps to date:

  • VHDR Lite for Android
  • VHDR for iOS
  • iCamViewer for iOS
  • Security Cam with Dropbox & YouTube Sync
  • XProtect Mobile for iOS / XProtect Mobile for Android
  • Smartvue S9 for iOS / Smartvue S9 for Android
  • Vmobile for iOS / Vmobile for Android
  • MobileFocus for iOS / MobileFocus for Android


A few highlighted features from these apps are the ability to move your cameras, take snap shots and YouTube exporting to name a few along with some being available at no cost.

The convenience of your Smartphone combined with the security of your business.

surveillance 2 surveillance 1

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