Maximize Profits & Gain New Clients through Direct Mail


With its time/cost savings and convenience, a postage meter is an advantage for any small business. When you have a basic knowledge of proven marketing techniques, it becomes an even more powerful tool that can help maximize profits from existing clients, as well as attract new clients to stimulate business growth. 

With a postage meter, the logistics of do-it-yourself mailing campaigns become much simpler and more streamlined. With the convenience of 24/7 online postage refills, you’ll never run out of postage. Address-hygiene software features are available to keep your mailing lists correct and current. 

Of course, a meter consistently applies the proper postage for each individual mailing piece, even if the weight/contents vary slightly as you go along. The content of a mailing piece, as you know, can be quite varied. Here are some of the more popular pieces that continue to work well for small businesses: 

  • New product/service announcements
  • Special offers and discounts
  • Grand openings
  • New partner or associate announcements
  • “Thanks for your business” mailers
  • Incentives for repeat purchases
  • Educational and informational literature
  • Free trials, reports and seminars
  • Incentives for personal referrals
  • Client birthday or anniversary greetings
  • Holiday greetings 

Why Direct Mail Isn’t Going Away

Statistics to consider when asking this question

50% of Americans subscribe to the newspaper – less than 30% actually read it through

18% of the population listen to any given radio station

95% Americans have phones

77% of Americans have interest service

98% of Americans have a television


Even in a world seemingly dominated by cell phone apps, email and social media, people still respond to direct mail. 

Regular, repeated mailings, using your postage meter, are a great way to create positive, predictable results. Especially when they’re sent to carefully chosen lists that fit your targeted demographic. 

A mail piece is something you can touch and feel. It’s not here one second and gone the next. The fact that it can tend to hang around for a while gives it some lingering power. 

Most of all, if your mail piece is a good one, it demands attention from the reader on a one-to-one basis. It’s something that is deliberately opened and read. This gives you a shot at catching your prospect’s attention, and holding it for period of time.

 It Starts With the List

A good list is worth its weight in gold. Of course, your most valuable list is that of your current clients. This should never be underestimated or overlooked. However, most businesses need to build or access a list of potential new clients. There are several ways to do this: 

1. Find a reputable list broker. A reputable list broker can provide highly-segmented lists with verified up-to-date addresses. These targeted lists can be skewed toward certain geographic areas, homes with children, minimum income levels, age ranges, etc.

2. Welcome your new neighbors. Lists of new residents give you the opportunity to get in front of people who haven’t yet established connections in your area. The best new-resident lists are compiled from several sources including property deed recordings, new telephone hookups and credit bureau “change of address” information. 

3. Build a referral network. Top area sales professionals, like real estate agents and mortgage brokers, are always looking to network and share leads. Work on building relationships with these visible members of your community. Often, the best way to earn a referral is to give one. Do whatever you can to build a network of trusted professionals for mutual recommendations.


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