It’s Time for Your Office to Go Paperless…but You’re Not Sure Where to Begin

Each day businesses reach the realization that the time has come to “Go Paperless.” Maybe a document has been lost resulting in a financial loss, or file cabinets are taking over office space, or customers wait for call backs while customer service searches for documents, or people in branch offices have to send documents to the head office every day. Whatever the reason, and there are many, business owners and managers are looking to get rid of operational bottlenecks caused by outdated methods of storing and retrieving documents. What seems on the surface to be a pretty simple concept – convert paper to images and keep them on the computer – can become a challenge without taking time to put together a plan. Your paperless transition needs to match your company’s specific requirements and resources.

Beyond scanning all of your documents, most companies have file cabinets containing paper files, shared hard drives with documents and other company information, and PC’s containing documents stored by individuals. By consolidating all of these documents into a centralized Document Management Software (DMS) system, you have the ability to put documents at the fingertips of the right people at the right time.

Every business relies on documents and document processes to operate. As you think about the documents you use to run your business, it is impossible not to think about the process each of those documents goes through in order to make things happen. Documents are created, routed, checked, approved, sometimes edited and filed at the end of the process. With a DMS, you can keep these same processes, but move them out of the in-basket and onto your PC.

Because your business is unique, MCC’s Integrated Solutions Division can help solve all of your document process challenges. Our goal is to help you better understand what can be done with DMS and point you in the right direction toward a successful implementation.


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