Emergency Assistance Stations – Are they around you?

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If you’ve strolled around a college or hospital campus or even a city park or parking structure, you have more than likely seen an emergency assistance station. By seeing these you can be assured that your safety is taken into strong consideration by the administrators of these facilities. These stations allow someone in distress to easily access assistance.

Rescue Assistance Stations are a high tech network-based emergency communication and security control system designed for use in areas requiring video capability to better manage emergency situations. The stations offer a 170 degree wide angle camera with remote pan and tilt options, digital zoom capabilities, audio/video or audio only options, and a variety of color, fabrication, and mounting choices, making this is an excellent emergency communication tool.

These stations utilize highly intuitive voice communication capabilities, quickly initiated by simply depressing the call station button, which transmits the signal to a central enunciator panel and optional access to a public telephone line. A single pulse tone and a flashing light notify the caller that an alarm has been received. The caller need not take any other action to communicate with the control station, an important feature when a caller is under stress in an emergency situation.

Since these stations are a fixture outdoors in the elements they are incredibly tough, durable, and vandal resistant. Their design offers heavy duty switches and speakers along with heavy gauge stainless steel plates.

If your facility is currently not equipped with the stations, MCC can offer you a free demo to show how beneficial these can be. Keeping your employees and patrons safe at all times is a top priority.

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