Control your AV Equipment from your Android – There’s an app for that!


With the evolution of mobile devices and Smartphones, what can’t your Android do? This is a list you would find to be very short.

The Presentation Solutions Division at MCC’s mission is to assess and understand each client’s unique objectives and to provide the necessary advice and tools that will be needed to effectively communicate their message, lesson and/or vision through sight and sound in any venue.

Through this mission your office, boardroom, sanctuary and classroom among many other areas can be completely transformed.

When you focus specifically on the state of the art sound that can be installed in your building, your Android Device can aid you in almost every audio-specific task. Thanks to skilled App developers your phone can help you get the job done easily, quickly and most importantly efficiently. 

This collection of pro AV audio apps showcases just how helpful your Android device is in completing mission-critical audio tasks. Finding a great audio app takes consideration, specifically considering what you are planning to use the app for. SPL apps are great for tuning speaker systems, reading levels, even documenting audience experience. Digital Audio Workstations make on the job recording sound great and allow you to document installations to the best of you ability with their myriad of mixing options.

The following apps can be found by accessing the Google market from your device:

  • Speedy Spectrum Analyzer
  • Sound Meter Pro
  • RTA Pro Analyzer
  • TouchDAW
  • Audio Evolution Mobile
  • Audalyzer
  • FFT
  • iGram Spectral Analyzer
  • SpecScope Spectrum Analyzer
  • SpectralPro Analyzer
  • Waterfull Spectrum Analyzer

Whether you are prepping a conference room, finalizing an event sound system or just troubleshooting a space, these ProAV audio apps are ideal for making your Android device work for you.

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